I'm just leaving a mall, getting ready to go out to my car. A girl who I don't know just runs into me and we're both like, "Bitch." I told her that maybe if she wasn't so fat she wouldn't run into people and if she weren't so ugly she wouldn't get so pissed off about comments like this one. (Wow, I'm even more immature in my dreams than real life!) She understandably gets pissed and wants to start shit but I just walk off and get into my car. Kim is in the car now. The car is my high school friend's 1973 green Chevy Impala. So I'm driving along on a highway in the country (apparently that mall was in the middle of BFE), telling Kim about the bitch who almost knocked me over, when I see someone driving RIGHT behind us! Oh shit, it's that girl.

So I do the logical thing and slip into the backseat so I can talk to the girl who's now climbing on the trunk of the impala. The car is fine without a driver apparently. Thank God for cruise control. I don't know how the steering wheel managed, but we didn't wreck. So I talk to the girl, being all like, "Get over it, just leave us alone," etc...and she agrees. Yay, happiness. So I slip back into the driver's seat and start driving again when I feel a surge of acceleration. The bitch girl laughs maniacally. Somehow she gained control of the car. I still have the steering wheel and we take a slight curve and almost go off the road.

"You're going to get us killed!" I shout to the girl.

"That's the idea!" was her reply.

The speedometer is now over 100 and we're starting to run into some congestion on the road.

"Look at the sun!" Kim shouted.

Why should I look at the sun, I'm about to get our asses killed?

It's slightly blocked by a sign but I can see flashes of the corona. The sky is really blue.

There are some people on the road now. "You're going to get these people killed!" I shout to the bitch girl, and she finally relents and the accelerator is mine again. Her car disappears.

The sign is not blocking the sun anymore. It's a brilliant yellow with a huge corona in this aquamarine sky. These are the normal colors, yes, but it was just so incredibly vibrant. It's one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life.