I'm trying not to give in. It's harder than it seems. People say "Think Positive!" Like that's supposed to solve everything. It would, if thinking positive actually worked, but the people who say this to you have no idea what it feels like as these feelings slip over you. You see them coming, you can feel your perception start to warp.

Maybe the best thing they could say would be to get some perspective.

Because that really is what it is all about. The chemical changes in your brain cause you to percieve reality in a warped and twisted way. Your brain as a funhouse mirror. Everything is seen as it effects you, and the lens is a dark one. Neutral statements are insults, compliments are lies. You walk along campus and though you turn the heads of the ten men you pass, you focus on the one whose head you don't. The thousand good things in life that you have are ignored, while the one thing that's bothering you flames up until it's all you can see.

No matter how much the logical side of your brain tells you it's not true, all you can see is everyone else in the world basking in sunshine, warmth, and love, while you are alone in the darkness, unloved, and uncared for.

The fall into depression may be (or seem) inevitable, but I'm trying not to give in.

Claw at anything you can to keep yourself from slipping over the edge.