I have a new cat, and she doesn't know that I get to hit my snooze button at least three times before actually having to get up. So my alarm goes off, and she's in my room, meowing at me, walking all over my bed, wanting me to wake up. Damn schizophrenic cat. I try to snooze anyway, dream fragments come back to me. I see Scotty in my dreams, I walk on campus and I see him on the lawn in front of Strong Hall, he waves at me. (This stems from the fact that I've been running into that boy constantly lately.) This is all I can remember. I give up on my last few precious moments of sleep, and sit up...

Oh sweet Lord, beautiful pain. I can feel every little muscle in my upper back outlined in pain. Yay, kickboxing class. I think that sore muscles the day after working out really hard is one of the best bad feelings there is...it's like, "wow, I actually DID something."

Even with the early wakeup, I was late to class. I always am. Kim and I walked together and we discussed our elaborate plan to turn campus into a Water Fun Park. Jayhawk Blvd. (the road that goes through main campus) would be turned into a giant lazy river, there'd be a giant wave pool in front of the library, and instead of adding on to the engineering building, they'd build a huge complex of water slides instead.

Things are always more fun in your imagination.