I'm sure that they are a common feature of all gyms. It's annoying because at the gym at our University, it's very small and there are a few machines of each type. There's a 20 minute limit on the aerobic machines and there are usually people in line, but there are these girls who'll do their 20 minutes, reset the machine and do another, lather, rinse, repeat. (A variation on this are the ones who follow the 20 minute rule, but hop from the treadmill to the EFX machine to the stairmaster and then back to the treadmill...) Almost always these are the type of girls who don't need to be doing two hours of cardio a day, they look like they need to go back to their rooms and eat some cheesecake or something. So when I'm waiting in line while anorexic chick starts her 4th 20 minute workout, I'm thinking, "Look at me, then look at you. Come on, who needs the machine more?"

The other day I was walking back from the gym and happened to see two of these such girls...they were waiting at the bus stop. At night, the bus stop only runs to the dorms which is probably a mile from the gym. So you'll log 2 hours on a treadmill but you can't walk the friggin' mile back to your dorm? Not only that, but they were sitting there smoking cigarettes. You just spent 2 hours working on keeping your heart and lungs healthy, only to light up as soon as you're done? I'm not saying that people who smoke shouldn't work out, but you'd really think that someone who would spend their entire night at the gym would be a little bit health conscious. The irony of this picture struck me as incredibly sad.