Truth is something that can't exist beyond the present, because the instant something happens, its only record is in the minds of its human witnesses (at least that we're aware of, there could be some element of the divine recording every truth, but I haven't had evidence to prove that theory yet), and we all know how subjective creatures humans are.

Ever hear that there are three sides to everything, your version, my version, and the truth? You've got the idea.

Therefore, the only reality is what is happening at the very present. The future is uncertain and the past is warped by prejudice and emotions. And since the present truly doesn't exist, lag between events and perceptions trap us into continuously viewing a movie of our lives (loved that part in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) and the present can only be seen as the interface between present and past, reality therefore does not exist.

And I know that this radical thought about the nature of reality has most likely already occured to others. I just like my version of it.