I dreamed a bunch of weird things last night but I only remember one "image" from it clearly.

I was in some kind of small town, almost like those in the old western-movies. Some kind of being suddenly comes walking towards me from the left (I see it aproaching from the corner of my eye at first) and I look at it. At first it looks like flames, a great fire in the shape of a human. Then suddenly I realize there is a woman there inside the fire, and I am shocked, thinking at first that she must be hurt \ burned by the flames. Almost at oce however, I understand that the flames are actually a part of her, they burn around her all the time, they are one.
I don't remember exactly what the woman looked like, but I think she was fairly good-looking, and yet fierce. Beautifull, yet terrible, like a female devil with deep black eyes.

All this lasted only a few secconds, then she said something. I don't remember what it was, but it was something awful in an indirect way. It could have been "Here I am", or "I am come" or "you are here now" or something like that. what I do remember clearly is her voice. It was deep and dark, a little like that sinister dark voice in Star Wars, only not. This voice was a little clearer, It was still a womans voice.

I believe there were two or three horses with riders on them behind the woman, dressed up like nights from the dark ages and carrying lances.