I’m in some apartment in the city with some friends, and we are planning to do something together, but I don’t know what, when one of my closest friends suddenly decides he has to do some laundry. There is no washing machine in the apartment and he has to go out and look for a place outside where he can so his laundry. For some reason he cant tell the others about this, probably because of whatever else it was we were planning, and he asks me to come with him and look for a place. We sneak out secretly and walk around in the city, my friend carrying a plastic basket full of dirty laundry.

We end up in some part of the city that I do not know, and for some reason my friend walks into a small dark alley. I argue with him a little, claiming he will never find a place to do his laundry here, but I give in and follow him. Suddenly I’m in front of him, and I lead him past a big store with lots of light flowing from it’s windows where clothes and other products of wool are sold – all in a dark and dirty alley behind some old red brick building, and my friend still carrying his basket of dirty clothes. My friend disappears, and I realize he has gone into the shop. I turn around and walk a few steps back and enter the store, annoyed at him for being stupid enough to think he can wash his clothes there. When I come in however his clothes are already in the washing machine and he is talking happily to an old lady behind a desk. Surprised, I wander around in the store for a moment and look at the different wool products, then I go outside again and wait for my friend outside.

Across the road and a little further up the alley there is now a black guy standing next to what I think is a motorcycle with a passenger wagon. There is some other guy next to him, but I hardly notice him because of the black guy. He looks around twenty but is huge – probably over six feet tall – and has these awesome dreadlocks. He smiles and waves at me with his big hands, as if joking or making fun of me. A cool black dude waving to a complete stranger who happens to be a not-so-cool white dude. I feel a little awkward, but I wave back in a friendly manner, trying to act a little “cool” myself. He laughs, and nods and does some weird signs with his hands. I show him the peace-sign (two fingers in a V) and he laughs more and shows me the sign back. At this point I start laughing too, and I show him a thumbs up sign with my right hand. He does the same, laughing still, then suddenly he comes striding across the street towards me. He says something in Spanish, and – though I don’t know Spanish – I understood him perfectly well. I answered him in Spanish, explaining that I didn’t know the language, at least not more than a few words. He laughs again, and says something more in Spanish, I don’t remember what, but friendly words in any case. Now my friend comes out from the store behind me, and before we leave, I give the black guy some kind of an advanced combination of a high-five and a handshake, as if it was something we had been practicing for years. Then I shout something like “Adios! Hasta la vista, amigo!” and something else, and at this point I wake up, feeling slightly confused.