Some fucktart e-mailed a threat of bodily injury to my personal inbox from Mr. Ballard's school e-mail account at 2:46 PM (6 minutes after the last bell rang). Since Mr. Ballard would not do such a thing (I hope) and wouldn't have my e-mail address anyway it must be a student. I've informed Mr. Ballard of the situation and sent him a copy of the e-mail, though I really don't know what would be done. The identity of the student should be easy to find; Mr. ice has the authority to pull the security camera tapes in the hallway to find out who visited Mr. Ballard's room after school, and if Mr. Ballard gave someone permission to use his computer it's obvious who did it.

Now, this begs the question: how did whoever this was get my personal e-mail address, and why would anyone hate me enough to not only send me a threat, but to do it from a teacher's account?
If my existence is that troublesome to people, why shouldn't I just stop existing?