So I went through Orientation at IU and skipped about half of it because they weren't taking attendance, and I registered for classes and everything, so that's good.

One Must Fall is freeware now. One Must Fall: 2097 is also freeware now. Download the latter and play it. You can thank me later.

I met some really nice people here. Gina will be staying at Collins, so we'll probbly see ach other again, and Lisa and I hung out together all day today because all of our thingies were at the same time, and afterward she had to wait for her mom so I just walked around with her and stuff. She's awesome - a gamer and an otaku and all that other good stuff. An artist, too. And she wants wings. I'll definitely try to stay in touch - don't want to let another awesomely eccentric one pass by.
Sorry Ka-la. No romantic interests. Though one of the staffers was amazingy cute.

I've been watching Brian play Star Wars Galaxies a lot, and since he's at work at the moment he's letting me play.. it's a really fun game. It makes me want to play an MMORPG again.. but I really don't want the cashflow drain ^_^;;;;

I'll just go mine some more in SWG.