I don't really feel very well today.

I was cold and it was about 80° (26°C) according to my mom's Galileo Thermometer (accurate up to the °C), but it felt really cold in the basement, so I took the Thermometer downstairs and set it on the bathroom floor with the door open so I could see it from where I was on the couch wrapped in blankets while I played Inindo. It never said it was any colder than that, which is nowhere near cold.

Anyway, I forgot the thermometer was there later when I got up to use the bathroom, so I accidentally tripped over it and it broke, spilling water and rubbing alcohol and shards of glass everywhere.

Goodbye mom's Galileo Thermometer. I hope she doesn't kill me when she gets home.

And I still don't feel quite right, despite being assured by the now broken thermometer that I'm not supposed to be cold.

I wish Heather were online. We didn't get to talk all yesterday and the day before when she was trying to say something important I was delaying her and then I just got offline before she could, and now that I look back on it that was really, really mean. I want her to get online so I can apologize.

Ah well.