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mission drive within everything
Following truth, there is always a way forward.
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Current Location: Annapolis, Maryland -- St. John's College /// I believe that human beings are perfectible. I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I believe in change. I believe that things could be much better than they are right now. I am in the process of summoning my will to care. I explode into a million different pieces every night. And every morning I try to find myself again. My current project is collecting beautiful, nonfiction stories @ I enjoy squandering my time. I enjoy scrambling toward the truth. I enjoy losing my way. I enjoy laughing about everything. I write & read & talk & write & watch & laugh and then I try to relax my head by going a little crazy. I don't believe in morality or a soul or rules or free will. But I have the inescapable feeling that I do actually make choices and I really hope that they matter somehow. ...but I know they don't.