The NEC group was founded in Tokyo 1899. This gives that NEC is not only one of the oldest companies in the industry. The fact that they are ranked as number 60 on Fortune's list containing the 500 biggest companies in the world also shows that they are among the largest. They are also the only company among their competitors that is ranked among the 10 largest companies within all three of their business areas; telecommunication, computers and industrial systems and components.

NEC has a product range of approximately 15.000 products (compared to Siemens who has almost 1.000.000 products) all over the world, and it ranges from satellite stations to microchips. The NEC group’s turnover is almost 43 billions USD and this is generated by almost 155.000 employees who are working at approximately 250 companies all over the world (1996).

As a Swede I felt for adding this. Their first office in Scandinavia was opened in 1984. Today they have two offices in the Nordic/Baltic area, which is the geographical area that NEC Scandinavia is responsible for. These offices are located in Stockholm, which also is their head-office and Oslo. The turnover for the markets in the Nordic/Baltic area is approximately 325 millions SEK (1996). (1 USD = 10,98 SEK, 2001).