The process of using aircraft usually a (airplane or helicopter) to stock fish in a lake or some other body of water.

Originally started by anglers that wanted to start sport fisheries Eventually states (through the respective state's department of fish and game) wanted to control the fish populations and with that came more high technology fish stocking methods especialy for more remote and high altitude lakes

Enter aerial fish stocking : While most of the stocking is done with fixed wing aircraft, helicopters are also used to a lesser extent. Aircraft commonly used for aerial fish stocking are the 2 engine Otter or the four-engine civilian C-130 Hercules.

Enter aerial fish stocking: the conflict :Because the minimum airspeed for these aircraft is 180 knots fish often miss the lake. The result is ten to thirty pounds of young fish scattered in trees and on the ground. organisations like the Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society are concerned about the impact of aerial fish-stocking activities on the experience of wilderness visitor. This is why the more expensive and disruptive helicopter alternative is viable.