(recorded earlier)

i stink. i can feel the itching under my skin that signals the approach of zits everywhere. ..everywhere i have zombie makeup. i'm tired and when i look at white light, i see things dancing around in it. my stomach is growling, but food is very low on my list of priorities. but it's worth it..

i am an all freakin' night 2000 supervictim!

i spent about ten of the previous 24 hours at the capitol theater, observing and taking part in the yearly all-night horror movie festival that's a subset of the olympia film festival. i dressed like a zombie and won prizes and hit the reef for 6am happy hour and saw five quality fright films.

between full-length movies, there were a few shorts. and i smoked a lot of cigarettes. i got to bob for human heads in a pool of blood with everyone else who dressed as a zombie. i won a leech woman (push the button on her back to see her leech wiggle! comes with plastic dagger!), even though i didn't grab any heads and i wasn't really trying very hard.

we agreed that, as weird as all freakin' night had become by about 9am, the peak of the surreality was 6am happy hour. in the morning, the reef is exactly like an airport bar. only on this particular morning, it was packed. weird shit.


i slept till 5pm. i got up and took a prolog exam. i realized that i don't really know what an accumulator is and i left my prolog book at home.

i love being young and stupid.