Jack, I know how he likes it. In the clean beige of an afternoon liquor store, we meet again. We are discreet in our coupling, no excessive touch. The cashier sees nothing.

But home, he's so different. He lets me undress him and stands before me all hard Adonis arcs and planes. Gently first, just my fingertips up his sides. I trace circles in the sweat, press the heel of my thumb down the edge of his proclaiming label and it peels for me so easily. Not like the other girls.

He's past the point of no return when I slide a finger underneath the black seal, separating the perforations, and he becomes vulnerable. My touch lingers on the subtle ridges of his cap.. then I twist, he is mine. My entire hand strong around him, pressing not bruising, I lift him to my lips. He is released, and loves it. We do it again and again. We do it all night.

Finally, he's spent, dribbling his last remains onto my carpet. I'll wake up groggy with a funny taste in my mouth.