perhaps one of the most interesting retail establishments in seattle. until recently, archie mcphee & company was located in seattle's fremont district. the former location was a virtual palace of silliness, and bagels and coffee were available to customers. they have since moved, and i have a distressing lack of information about their new digs.

archie mcphee specializes in strange toys and other objects. as their website ( puts it:
Looking for cool toys and gifts? If so, Archie McPhee is your mecca! For 18 years Archie McPhee has supplied toys and gifts for popular culture. Escape the soulless junk offered in shopping malls and enjoy some high-quality, high-concept fun with Archie McPhee.

their top 12 best selling items, at the time of this writeup, are
they also offer items catered specifically to the geek contigent, such as the radar robot and liquid ram.

though the website is full of interesting nonsense and carefully goofy descriptions, the tactile experience is not to be missed. it's very possible to get lost wandering through the aisles upon aisles of junk archie mcphee offers, and to enjoy it utterly. archie mcphee and company is to toys as powell's is to books.