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Learn C/C++ programming on Linux platform
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Hello members. My name is Pritesh Ugrankar. I am from Bangalore,India. I had recently read in a Computer magazine about Though I am new here, It seems to be one cool place!. I guess one way to express how it feels to be here is something like, after wandering endlessly from place to place, you suddenly come across a place that almost instantly calms you down. A place where you can be yourself. Talk about things that really matter to you. There is a feeling that you sort of belong there. As far as things that matter to me, the prominent would be programming, especially in C and C++ on a Linux platform. No, I am not a good programmer as of now. Maybe the only term that describes my present proficiency (?) is newbie. But I really find this field immensely interesting, though frankly speaking, I find it equally intimidating !

My tryst with programming started with HTML. I had heard a lot about HTML, so it was the first language I decided to learn. It was only after learning it a bit ( thanks mainly to the great on-line tutorials hosted on the net byDave of and Joe Burns of that I realised that to be a true programmer I will have to learn C,C++ especially on a Linux background. I am interested in learning about Socket programming, Device Driver programming,Kernel programming and Graphics programming. I know that its a going to take a lot of patience and hardwork to achieve proficiency in the above mentioned fields, but then now that I am at a right kind of place, things shouldnt be so very tough !!.

Music, I think is the soul of life. Prejudiced as I might sound, but there is no other art form that can accurately depict the whole gamut of emotions. I like rock. I think its a very honest genre of music

I hope that I will be able to learn about my interests here.