The Aftermath Report

As an e2 newbie I was a little wary of attending the nodermeet, but in a moment of vodka-induced bravery, I had put my name down. I had made my bed... time to drink in it.

Friday arrived. I had looked at every single photo available online of the noders who were going to be there, hoping that I would recognise someone as soon as I turned up at the pub. Ha! Fat chance! The place was heaving! And not a familiar face in sight. At last I saw there was an upstairs and breathed a sigh of relief. I bravely entered the lion's den and introduced myself to anyone who would listen. After the initial shyness, embarrassment and dithering over whether to call noders by their real name or their other name I settled into a sofa and got to know these wierdos I had previously only chatted with in the catbox.

I felt honoured to rub shoulders with those whose name commands respect, I enjoyed serious discussions with some and chatted with many others.

Thanks for a fantastic time, people. You made me feel so at home.