Sponsor my mum in the Cancer Research Race for Life next Saturday, 12th June 2005

This summer I had intended on entering the annual women-only charity event organised by Cancer Research UK the Race for Life along with half a dozen other nodergirlies. The response to my call to arms was pitiful :( as the quota for group entrance was not achieved I dropped out. So, now I want you to sponsor my mum instead. My mum is doing this because she survived breast cancer but her brother lost his battle with cancer and so many of her close friends and family have been affected in one way or another. Talk about an amazon. She's 65, overweight, asthmatic and severely lopsided. And she's still about to jog 5 miles to bring this to the attention of as many people as possible. Show some support, come on!

Fair enough. I'll do it cos I enjoyed her Parsnip Daphnes so much. Where do I sign?

When an individual or a group signs up to participate in the race for life they are given a sponsor page on the Race for Life website. Sponsoring is easy and if you are a UK taxpayer the charity can claim back the tax under the Gift Aid regulations. You don't pay any more money but you end up sponsoring more. Cool.


Please say you're a noder when you fill in the sponsorship form, so mum knows. Ta.


I don't know your mother from Adam!

Maybe not, but she knows you! A few noders have met her at various birthday party-cum-nodermeets, but that's not the point. She asked me to ask you so here I am. I am asking, begging and pleading with you to help. It would make her smile and that's what counts.

But aren't all these charities just money-grabbing dodgy types who give all the money to the Board of Directors?

You cynic! My mum's attitude is that by doing this she has been able to use it to talk to people, to raise awareness and to tackle issues that have affected our family. At a recent party to celebrate my parents' 45th wedding anniversary, my mum's birthday and my mum being given the all clear by her oncologist, she stood up in front of the assembled guests and talked about cancer in her life. That includes losing someone, surviving the disease and the suffering that the family members go through, often in silence. Now isn't that a good thing? She also raised around £60 by passing round a bucket for people to sponsor her.

However, to put your mind at ease, I have done some research and Cancer Research UK do have excellent credentials. They really do put the money where it is needed.

On behalf of my mum I'd like to say thank you very much to all who sponsor her. In return, I will request she passes on another of her scrumptious recipes for us all to share here on e2.