i don't generally daylog, but i was struck by this thought earlier today and wanted to share it.

just over 6 months ago, i applied for a job at an aeronautical college in qatar. i didn't really fancy it much, teaching english to a bunch of would-be pilots and aircraft engineers, but they were offering to pay stupid amounts of tax-free dosh and it would make it very easy for me to save up to fund my ma. i never got anywhere with the application, so came to do my ma financially supported by my family. boy am i glad i didn't get the job. not because of how much i am enjoying what i am learning, but because i daren't imagine what my life would be like right now if i had gone to qatar. i heard earlier this week that there's an english school (i believe they said it was in kuwait, but don't quote me on that) paying bonuses to their native english-speaking staff who stay on and carry on teaching. stiff upper lip or what? if i was out there right now, i would be working out how best to bribe a pilot student to fly me home to safety. i complain about my current stress levels caused by having no money and piles of books to read and lengthy assignments to write and grades to improve on and no time to spend with friends or family... if i'd gone to qatar i would be quaking on a 24-hour basis for fear that george and tony decided to say, "sod the opposition, let's nuke the buggers." kind of brings it home to you, when you spin it around that way.

perspective is everything.