Slept in until noon today. It was kinda nice to wake up and have lunch rightaway. After lunch, I finished up what was left of a small tub of chocolate ice-cream, and realized that there was only one filter for the coffee-maker left.

I returned a big pile of beer bottles to the grocery store on the way to work and used the refund to buy more coffee filters, toothpaste and some juice concentrate.

At work, a co-worker offered me a cigarello so we smoked them in the smoking room. It was nice.

Logged in to E2 today to realize that I was the victim of a bit more systematic downvoting. I feel better about this realising that after each on my nodes has been downvoted, the perpetrator will only be able to downvote my new nodes and probably get bored with me. No more everything user tears for me.

Node Maintenance: meteorite

I vote for Everything Editor Logs!