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I am, as most stereotypical angst-ridden teenagers are, having a bit of an identity crisis right now, so writing a bio is not going to be easy. Well, I already said I was a teenager, I'll start there. I'm fourteen. I am ... tall. And I have red hair. Druik is my 'homeboy', if you will. Druik, who I will hereby refer to as Neb, and I go way back. And we both have shiny red hair, although his is much longer than mine. My religion .. follows, for the most part, a pagan path. I'm not entirely sure. Oh yeah, and for all you H.P. Lovecraft fans out there, that's right, I make reference to the hammer of the Old Ones himself, Cthulu. When he rises from his tomb deep beneath the seas, and the entire human race meets oblivion, we get to be Cthulu's personal bitches. Hot. Onto music. I enjoy a wide variety of diddies, but recently my favorites have been: Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Elliot Smith, Nirvana, Gorillaz, Pigface, Skinny Puppy, Autolux, Marilyn Manson, the Cure, Bob Dylan, and I'm pretty sure there are some more. But you'll just have to deal with it. I also really dig (that's right I said it) history, particularly the histories of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Arabians, Turks, and the like. Well, actually, right now I'm kinda into the Franks, but it's just a phase. And Star Wars is awesome. As is Dungeons & Dragons. Oh yeah, and I've decided that all girls are the offspring of some unholy mating or another, when it comes to relationships anyways, and I have therefore given up trying to find happiness in that aspect of life. Unless you're into crazy, bestial, unprotected sex, in which case drop me a line anytime. *grrrr*. It is time for me to depart, and so I will leave you with a nugget of wisdom on which to ponder eternally: Neb, what the hell? You so totally just booted me from my lofty position as best friend. What the hell? And yes, I recognize that it's actually spelled Cthulhu. But I was raised with it is as Cthulu and I'm not one to betray my roots. Wait, that's a lie. Oh well, if I'm going to preserve at least one thing from Old Me, it's going to be the way I learned to spell the name of the great lord. I'm sorry if this hurts you.