Indie/rock band based in Edinburgh, Scotland, fronted by Davey Henderson. According to music magazine the NME, they are "Edinburgh's premier voodoo beat seditionists." They play a dark alternative rock music, influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth in its guitar textures.

They have collaborated with poet Jock Scot in a number of ventures. Scot contributed some verse called Just Another Fucked-Up Little Druggy On The Scene to the Saint Jack album, and the band played on his My Personal Culloden album.

They are noted for their excellent song titles, such as Couldn't phone potatoes, Adidas Francis Bacon, This Arsehole's Been Burned Too Many Times Before, Clipped Wings & Flower Stings; however, these are often the most interesting part of their music.

Album discography
Saint Jack, Postcard Recordings of Scotland, 1995.
Fried for New Material, Creeping Bent records, 1988.
It's Just the Way Things Are, Joe, Creeping Bent records, 2000.
Received, Transgressed and Transmitted, Creeping Bent records, 2001.