"Orgonon" album by Laila France track listing. All music written by Momus. Lyrics as specified.

1. Trashy Like TV (lyrics Laila France)
2. Trance Cocktail Airlines (lyrics Laila France)
3. Wonderhood (lyrics Laila France)
4. Japanese Especially (lyrics Laila France)
5. The Pink Song (lyrics Momus)
6. David Hamilton (lyrics Momus)
7. Synthesiser Wizard (lyrics Momus)
8. First Love Blood (lyrics Laila France)
9. Orgonon (lyrics Momus)
10. Bilitis (lyrics Momus)
11. The Sensations Of Orgasm (lyrics Momus)

Album released in 1997 on Bungalow, a German record label, Bung 018.

From the sleeve:

By listening to this record by Miss Laila France, the new Thai-Parisian supergirl, you will not only be discovering the fabulous pleasures of Trance Cocktail Music. You will also be making an important contribution to the sum total of Orgasmatronic Orgone Energy in the world.