Monday. Another monday. It seems that monday is my day to get reflective on what's going on around me. Which is good, I think. Theraputic. Not that I need therapy, really, though. It's just that I'm moving, or trying to move, a step closer to becoming a whole person again.

I'm nostalgic for the year, just one year, when i felt completely all there. Sure, my emotions were strained to the limit half the time, but at least I felt something besides bored observation of my environment.

But it's coming back now. I think that I'm crossing the gap of apathy that lay between teenage angst and early college excitement. And it feels good.

I am going to try and live my life with sincerity. But, it's like, I don't even need to try. It's coming naturally, which is the most important part.


A prayer:

dear god, please watch over the body and soul of colleen's friend, who is sick in the hospital. also please help his family, and give them strength to handle whatever situation may arise. in your name i pray. amen.

also, lord, please guide me down the right path. i am only a man, and need as much help as i can get. thank you for all that you have given me, and i will try to honor you in my existence. amen.

. ----------------

In a week and a half, there will be a new president. That is very, very scary.

Things are changing.