Today is a day for my brothers.

it is the youngest's 9th birthday. we've never been close, considering i'm over twice his age, and because of my teenage resentment of the attention he got from the parents during those years. he has down's syndrome, which also makes things difficult. we have a hard time communicating, although we both are getting better at it. he can still consistently beat me at bushido blade, though.

happy birthday, matt. you're still my brother, and i still love you.

i spoke to my dad today, and he told me that brian, my other brother (aged 17), is stressing out about college. he never was a very good student, and is getting discouraged by the rejection letters from the 'better' universities. he is considering joining the military instead of going to school. i don't think that he should; if he wants to be in the military, there's ROTC. however, i feel guilty, to an extent. i set a hard path to follow, always being the good student, going to the good school. he's feeling like he needs to live up to me, and failing. i wish that i could do something to change that.

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