I'm beginning to learn my own neurochemistry much too well. Today was the last of midterms, and, as per usual, I figured I'd finish em up, have a lovely migraine, fall to pieces, then have to pick up again and get back to the reality of going to school.


This time, however, it was made much easier by the lull of prescription drugs. A Maxalt melt when you get home will kill your pain and make you a bit woozy feeling. Stumbled around campus afterwards, finishing up the errands I had to run in a daze from this medicine. Then came home and crashed into bed. When I woke up an hour and a half later, felt like my head was very very heavy. But pain-free.

So I'm feeling much better now, still shaking off the mild psychogenic effects of the drug, but ready to do some work again. Let me back at it, world. And brain... I've almost beaten you!