so, last night, was with the smooching partner (who's rapidly evolving into *gasp* a mild girlfriend, although it's not at that point yet, really) till nearing 5am. unfortunatley, my car was just about to get towed, or else would have slept over. baaah humbug. it would have been better for me, although i would have missed a dosage of the migraine medicine.

observations on the state of affairs on e2:

  • does EDC seem to be running out of money? we're being hit up to buy t-shirts, posters, stickers now, and the banner ads are for themselves?
  • george w. bush is going to be the president. yeah. fuck the electoral college system (*GASP*, a republican is saying this!), but it's over. quit being sore losers, and unite behind who won.

i'm experiencing mild technical difficulties with a recursive function in the latest coding project. FUCK IT. yeah, it's at that level of annoyance.

three signs that i've grown as a person in the past year:

  • i pray every night, sincerely.
  • on my personal webpage, i posted a list of the people who have had the most influence in my life, in hopes that they stumble across it someday.
  • i did not feel insanely jealous when the girl called to tell me that she was hanging out with her other friends tonight.

i think that i'm making progress.