an uneventful weekend at home, thanks to the benevolent university giving us a holiday off. Got to see some old friends, dig up some skeletons while going through my old stuff, and all the other wonderfully normal events that happen back in beautiful Suburbia, Michigan.

re-wrote the homenode in a moment of weakness; in an effort to become more like the other e2-ers who actually share part of themselves in their homenode. i feel like my personality doesn't really come off very well in it. still doesn't, but at least it's meaningful.

last night saw the beautiful but disturbing Requiem for a Dream. it's like staring at a car accident on the side of the road. you just can't take your eyes off of it. i'm telling you, they should show these movies to the high school kids; that'll be an effective anti-drug message, rather than have a cop talk to them.

now i'm in the process of struggling with my latest data structures project. will the insanity never cease?