had an excellent evening of drinking and debauchery last night; got to spend time with the new smooching partner, which was fun. we ended up going back to her place for....



MARIO PARTY and conversation.

what a fun girl.

however, spent the day at work barely getting over the drinking. eating only a handful of dry cereal didn't help the post-drunken body, but some wendy's fixed me up good. plus prescription migraine drugs are sure good at getting rid of those pesky hangover headaches :)

sign the lease on my new apartment tomorrow.... woohoo! it's nice to have things out of the way. all i have to do now is accept the job at the benevolent corporation and I won't have to worry about anything but school for the rest of the year. very nice.

and now i'm listening to yo la tengo and finishing up some data structures. amen.