get excited, kids, i'm BACK, a bit more world-weary than i was when i first popped onto this 'ere board many moons ago back in march 2000. last post, as far as I can tell, was back in April. which isn't too long, is it?. not really.

however, since this is a daylog I figure that I should actually share my DAY rather than reminisce about old times.

i spent the weekend alone.

all alone.

my roommate was gone, my girlfriend (who's living in another state) was busy (and being cross with me), my temporary friends were unreachable- i was alone.


so, i went to the pool, read two Nick Hornby books, got a bit of a sunburn, and thought a lot about my relationship.

and sorry, NO, i will not let you live vicariously through me discussing my relationship here.

so yes- it's weird writing into this little text entry box again. i don't know if it will take or not. i hope so- i actually miss you guys! or at least the dosage of humanity that e2 provides the net with. i'm like a person coming back to AA after a year spent drinking like mad: a bit sheepish, a bit scared, a bit creeped out. so... hi e2. nice to see you again.

now what's up with this racist Cool Man Eddie character? what's next.... giving him some watermelon??