this morning is going pretty well so far; i woke up at 6 o'clock wondering why the alarm was going off so obnoxiously... i turned it off and fell back asleep for 20 minutes. then i stumbled into the shower, stumbled into my clothes, and stumbled out of the apartment, still asleep.

but then i got to work, and after 10 minutes of scrounging, found an EXTRA LARGE coffee cup, and proceeded to pound that (with extra sugar). now, the effects of an extra large coffee with extra sugar would be signifigant amongst themselves, but take into consideration that the only food i had eaten was a half of a doughnut, and the caffeine and sugar cocktail is certainly hitting me as well as, say, a shot of PCP directly to my heart. ie, hard. yum.

and now i'm entering into my second extra large, extra sugar cup of coffee and am just vaguely aware of the fact that i have a sense of touch.... and am ignoring the twitch in my pinky finger.

aaaah, coffee.