A beautiful three day weekend. Friday was a paid vacation to Six Flags on behalf of the benevolent company. After which ensued an interesting night of drinking and chilling. Her older sister hung out with us, which was quite fun, actually. I think that I gained some points by being a good host.

Saturday saw a productive day; I bought some new playstation games (Bushido Blade, Final Fantasy 8) and got a haircut. Then in the evening, went to dinner theatre at Medieval Times; a barbaric but entertaining experience.

Today was spent, once again, laying around the pool and laying around in bed. Made fried rice for dinner and taught her the basics of how to "hack" into a system; ie, security weaknesses prevalent on many computers.

Don't mix two computer people in a relationship; if they're getting along, they can do some scary shit.

Things are good; although I've had a feeling of permanent 'out of it' -ness this past couple of days. Maybe it's been the headaches I've had lately.

I dunno. Whatever.