I stumbled upon a neat-o tool at grc.com called ShieldsUp!, which probes all of your ports and tells you how vulnerable your computer is to remote access.

Which got me very paranoid; many of my ports were visible on the net, although I'm smart enough to not share anything without authentication.

So, I downloaded a packet sniffer to see what was actually going on with my machine. Bad idea. It made me extremely mad, noticing that I was getting polled by fucking little shit script kiddies (presumably, from the AOL IP).

Shit. I thought I was smarter than that.

So, I installed a firewall, to block anything that I don't want from coming into and going out of my machine. Which, once I get back to Ann Arbor, will remain in place, giving me TWO firewalls to hide behind.

Ain't no teenagers getting into MY machine!

Besides that revelation, a pretty uneventful day. Had a 2 hour lunch, worked out, played Spades with the friends. Almost got walked in on by the roommate while goofing around with the girl... "Hi mom!"

It's never going to go away, is it?