I woke up at 6 am, showered, ate breakfast while listening to Radiohead, and got to the office by 7 for the meeting.
Since then, I've been spending my time trying to break our test servers... we are planning an upgrade to our secret software so we need to make sure that they'll be okay when we put in that fateful disc.
I continued the perfection of my chop stick skillz by stacking a bunch of push pins up on top of each other. I need to be in top form so that I can impress the family of my Chinese flirting partner when we go to dim sum this weekend.
And yes, I'll eat the chicken feet if they do.
I also poked my head back onto Everything for the first time in a few weeks. Hi everybody, I hope that things are going well. I am doing excellent, although I am starting to become sad that I will have to go back to school after this fantastic internship.