instead, everything stays the same, except you forget to add the "1" to the date.

i want my flying cars and wireless networking that actually works now, goddammit.

new years resolutions:

  • floss every other day
  • continue working out every other day, but add sit-ups to the routine
  • stay as happy as i was when i decided to write resolutions

so, allison's grandfather died last week. incidentally, a day before the anniversary of my grandfather's death. so, i've spent the last week (our first week back together after the laughably short holiday break) with her almost every night, just being there. sometimes, that's all you can do. just be there.

this weekend, we're going to pittsburgh, just to get out of town. it should be fun.

after being turned down for an over-ride into a class i was waitlisted for, somehow i managed to fanagle an independent study with the professor. so, my role in the 'class' went from "anonymous student" to "research bitch". which is much better, i think.

i can tell that oscar-time is approaching; there's now almost a new record for movies out or coming out that i feel could be exceptionally good: TRAFFIC, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, and SNATCH. plus the potential guilty pleasure ANTITRUST.

nothing like a good movie to make my week.

back to hiding in the real world....