Hello daylog. How are you?

I feel slightly embarassed writing this daylog because it makes my previous null and void, but who cares. My adventures in indecisiveness might provide some entertainment, or at the very least.... nothing.

But why am I worrying about what the daylog thinks of me, anyways???


Alright. Well, it seems that we are going to give it a shot; the potential for good just outweighed the bad. And YES, it's kind of stupid, but it feels right, and, despite the contrary, I think that it's time to make a decision that's not rational and adult. I want to make a decision to not throw something happy away just to avoid future hurt.

So that's what I'm doing.

Other happenings:

My friend david from Ann Arbor was down visiting this past weekend; Sunday we had an adventure through south-side Chicago navigating the closed down streets in order to get him to the train station on time. It felt very much like a movie, going 60mph through downtown streets trying to beat a deadline.

David clued me into a new album which I promptly bought; Tricky, DJ Muggs, and Grease on the album Juxtapose. QUITE fantastic.

A well-awake day at work; got a good 7hrs last night.