Day, day, day, day, day day, day. What a fucking day.

Firstly, the practical matters:

'twas quite busy at work; I occupied my time re-building a legacy machine under my desk, keeping machines from blowing up, and just generally kickin it.
at home, did the laundry, worked out (pecs), played Bushido Blade and Final Fantasy 8.
Got a phone call from my friend Dan in California; he just moved to San Francisco and is starting a new job on monday.
Overclocked the machine, with only marginal success; apparently Windows was none too happy to see me running even an extra 33mHz faster, so I am stuck with 15 lousy more mHz.

Oh well.

The juicy stuff:

I had a very long personal venting session with her regarding, at first, the end of our short relationship and how it related to the friendship that we still had, ending with the difficulties that I consistently encounter in relationships.
And suprisingly, it felt very very good, being able to actually talk about myself and have someone who cares listening to me.
Someone who cares.

It's a nice feeling, you know, realizing that you're not as alienated as you think you are; or as alienated that you've tried to make yourself.