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The power went out last night.

It happened in two spurts. First, I was on the phone, cooking dinner, and it cut out. "Hrmm" i thought. Looked around at the phone, it LOOKED okay, but it wasn't acting alright. Then I noticed a pulsing noise coming from my computer's speakers.



Feared that a big bolt of lightning had hit my building, channeling directly through the powerstrip and blowing up my computer. God punishing me for having warez and mp3s and Gates punishing me for having linux.

And it actually appeared that way for a minute. No response to stimuli, except for the harddrive light turning on when it was plugged in. ohshit.

Then I noticed that nothing else in that corner of the room seemed to work. So I then reasoned that it was either a surge or a brownout. In any case, the two bedrooms in the apartment were powerless.

So I moved my computer to the living room, which still was fine. It booted... phew. Although the power strip seemed like it was dead.... but at least my baby lived.

Cleaned up the kitchen and sat down for a little FF8 action, and 20 minutes later BAM off goes the power.

I took advantage of the situation, grabbing a couple books and a bottle of Rolling Rock and headed out to the balcony. Personality-tested myself... I have been reclassified once again as an ISTJ. Appears I have changed from being a hard-core INTJ to a more practical ISTJ in the past two years. Oh well. Maybe my perception of myself has just changed.

The roommate got home and we decided to get out of the building, since it was dark and we have no candles. So, took advantage of the late-night open-ness of Border's and loitered hung out there for a few hours. When we got back, there was power. AMEN.

Headache log:
monday aug 14 2000
	730am: poofs cereal, milk
	1145am: bbq chicken, salad, potato, roll, coke
	625pm: chicken breast, mac & cheese

	a very light one, surfacing around 10am, then
 staying slightly under the surface throughout the day.
  when got home from work (5pmish) felt bad, laid down

	typical workday, staring at computer screen most of the time
	after work went to the gym, lifted and biked.
	fine rest of evening.

	1 excedrin approx 515pm, headache seemed to go away after that (working out had any affect?)

	eye strain/flourescent lights from work.