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You feel like a drill is going through your skull

Saturday I became very impressed by Red Hat's ability to recognize the fact that I installed a new Voodoo 3 into my machine, set up X, and send me on my merry old way. MAD PROPS, Red Hat!

Stayed in that night, farted around the apartment while the roommate and our mutual friends were out.

Yesterday, got up, had a day, had a headache, had perhaps one of my most cared-for experiences happen to me. After watching Sweet and Lowdown with her, I was nearly immobilized by a bad headache. I said to her, "i really don't feel well, and just want to lie down...." Rather than take that as a clue to leave, she insisted on putting me to bed and falling asleep next to me. Sometime during the night, she left (due to the obligation of work, amongst other things). But she cared enough to lay with me while I was hurting. Wow.

Since I finally sucked it up and decided to see a professional for these recurring headaches (read: 6-7 days a week), I figured that I should keep a log of what happened, to see if there's any behavioural patterns. Here's for yesterday:

sunday aug 13 2000
	11ish am: slice pizza/water
	milk throughout day
	430pm: chicken breast, salad, baked potato, water, 1 glass white wine, chips/salsa
	930pm: chips/salsa, milk, stouffer's cheese pizza

headache started around 10pm, BAD by 1145.

	video games in the morning, approx 930-11am
	computer usage, reading, etc throughout rest of day
	driving to chicago, 230pm
	hanging with julie/tom, 315pm-715ish
	home 740ish
	quick computer use, a little video games
	she got there 815ish, drove to store
	shopping, went to blockbuster
	felt it coming round 940, ate some food
	started movie round 10:10
 	bed around 12, not feeling good at all.  lights hurt my eyes, although i could think clearly.

	took 1 excedrin at approx 10:45.

	watching movie?  late side-effect of wine?  laying on the couch (head not elevated)?

I guess you never know what you're going to get out of life... looks like I get headaches.