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After going to see the thoroughly scary-yet-cheesy Hollow Man last night, came back to the apartment with her just to hang out for a while. Well, ya know what happens when it's dark and you have the apartment to yourself, so 2 hours later I finally got to bed, not really caring that I had to get up for an unheard-of weekend workday.

So yes, we had a major server upgrade last night that I skipped out of, instead opting to volunteer for Saturday maintenance duty. Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly, especially when you're using Microsoft IIS. So my 4 hour routine checkup turned into a 6 and a half nearly full workday in the office alone.

Oh well... that's what I get the big bucks for. Or something.

Pigeoto, whirlwind attack!

No plans for the evening; she is gone on a day trip back to school so I may have a fabled evening to myself. Wooooooo.

I'm moving back to michigan in a week! Err... hrrmm...

Aaaah well. Dinnertime.