I am currently stressing over the simplest of things... cooking dinner.

See, I lost a bet to her sister, and now it is my responsibility to cook them dinner.

Hrrmph. It's the sister, I have to do something impressive! Or at least that's how it feels.


I got mad cooled today for a flippant node I wrote right before lunch break. Aaaw, how touching. E2 Loves Me.

I'm beginning to feel slightly dirty for getting voted up so much for my day logs; either what I'm saying is very profound and interesting and really contributes something valuable to Everything, or people just habitually upvote. Although, I think that I've become a "victim" of systematic upvoting... woohoo! E2 Loves Me!

And now I feel very shallow for even paying enough attention to voting and XP to devote the last two paragraphs to it.

Last night had the frustrating experience of playing billiards. A smoky pool hall filled with bored high schoolers does nothing for me; adding to the fact that I am consistently bad at the sport caused me much pain.