well hey. look. it's been sooooo long since i've visited, let alone written something on e2.

where to begin??

first, i must be painfully self- aware and note that most of the people who read this won't know who i am, those who recognize me won't remember much, but i'm okay with that.

back onto e2- like a ghost from another life.

i've been quite busy, with school, work, life, and love taking up all of my time. similar, perhaps, to hiding at work- which i did for a whole 2 months last year- except this time, i'm hiding in life.

so, did i miss anything? the site is acting slow as hell and annoying today, so i'm lynx-ing this page. i bought myself a new CPU and motherboard the other day- a big deal for my little life. i've fallen head over heels in love- and i must say, i don't miss the internet - at least in its e2 form, all that much.

so yeah. hi e2. i hope things are going well. i feel like a guy visiting an ex-girlfriend- "glad to see you, i hope things are well.." but i've got another life to lead. strange, isn't it??