The stereotypical listener to Third Eye Blind has been offered to me as a preppy blonde teen girl. I do not agree completely. I have seen all types of people enjoy 3EB. At a recent concert there was a mosh pit.

I actually have this crazy idea that people who like 3EB have something that others don't have. Whether it is a higher conciousness or a fascination with sound, I don't know and I'm in no position to make that determination.

Pick up their first, self titled record if you're coming from the Metallica, Offspring, or old school Sugar Ray scene. If you're from the Dave Matthew's Band, Wallflowers, Savage Garden scene pick up their second record Blue.

But definitely download the Semi-Charmed Life MP3 from napster. It will bring back memories of the psuedo happiness that comes from a speed addiction (thats what it's about) and memories of the simple early 1990's when you heard the song on the radio but never persued it. I also recommend 10 Day's Late. I'll leave it up to you to figure out real meaning of that song.

Regardless, their music is about life and friends with the occasional boy loves girl theme.

Do check them out, and node back if you think people who enjoy 3EB are different.