First in the EP72xx series of ARM-based system-on-chip processors from the EPD division of Cirrus Logic. Features of note include:
  • EDO DRAM controller
  • 37.5kB of on-chip SRAM
  • built-in greyscale LCD driver
  • dual serial UARTs with optional IrDA LED drive on UART0
  • telecom-style CODEC interface

Like all of the 7-series Maverick parts, an ARM720T core lies at the heart of this beast.

The main difference between this part and the others in the series is the inclusion of the DRAM interface and the exclusion of the high-speed DAI CD-quality CODEC interface. This limitation makes this part suited more for PDA, VoIP, and other non music related portable products.

The evaluation kit for this product is the EDB7111-2. Don't be fooled; the same board is used for the now defunct EP7111 and this part.