One of the best places to have a good time in the US. Good-looking girls for the guys or so-inclined girls, good-looking guys for the girls or so-inclined guys abound. Many fine clubs such as crobar, Level and Shadow Lounge...places that define what it is to be a nightclub. This is the place to be if you're looking for an interesting vacation.
    Words of advice for the South Beach Tourist.
  • 1. Do not act like a tourist. Know where you are going.
  • 2. Be 21+, or able to prove it.
  • 3. Bring good clothes, or lots of cash to buy them with.
  • 4. Do not come here if you are easily offended.
  • 5. Do not bring children under the age of 18.
  • 6. Most of all, loosen up and have a kickass time!

updates: July 2003

Like sekicho said, Shadow Lounge closed. Also closed are Vivid and Krave. Level was recently sold to an undisclosed party for $4 million. A few new joints opened, including a small Phazon sound system-equipped lounge called Nerve, a Funktion-One sound system club called Maze, and of course the Beach club scene is still worried about that big mother across the causeway called Space 34, which is the old Club Space in a bigger building, but with the same 24 hour liquor license, an even more massive custom sound system, and a back up generator to boot. Party when the power goes out I guess!