A very good, and mostly unknown movie directed by Sam Peckinpah

This movie was banned in the UK and features a large "BANNED IN THE UK" stamp on the cover of the movie box. This movie starts out with David (Dustin Hoffman) and his wife (Susan George) moving back to her home town in rural England to get away from the violence of the "big city". When the couple decides to hire 3 men to do work on there house things start to go wrong, the 3 local men start to harrass them and David does nothing about it, as the harrassment increases David still does nothing about it, at which point a young mentally disabled man is accused of killing a young girl. David takes the young man into his house and prepares to fight off the locals looking for blood, but what comes is something David is not expecting which turns out to be a very violent gun battle between the locals and him.

This movie is definitly worth watching more then once, and is probably Sam Peckinpah's best.