While I respect the decisions of others not to drink, the reasoning presented here is piss-poor.

First off, DaVinciLeo's reasoning assumes that everyone who drinks does so to excess. I drink because I like the taste of fine alcohol (I can't stand the cheap shit), be it wine, beer, mead, or hard liquor. Wine really makes a fine meal complete. I do not drink to excess -- I've been three sheets to the wind (as opposed to merely tipsy) twice in my life, and both were under conditions where I knew I was safe for the night.

Second, the negative health effects are from prolonged, heavy drinking -- not social drinking, alcoholic drinking. The latest studies indicate social drinking is in fact good for you. Certain compounds in red wine are good for the ciculatory system; relief of stress is another health plus. A glass of wine every day or two is good for your heart and your mind.

And I might add, good for your palate.