Just a greasy truck stop diner located in Whately, MA in the Pioneer Valley. It also happens to be the closest 24 hour food service establishment to Northampton and Amherst, home of many college students. Its real name is the Fillin' Station, but nobody (I know of) ever calls it that - it only has "Diner" in huge neon letters that can be seen from Interstate 91.

The Whately Diner has decent coffee, and will give you as much of it as you can hold down. I'm somewhat partial to the grits and corned beef hash, myself, and I knew people who claimed their burgers weren't half bad. Their milkshakes are pretty good, but it's hard to convince the waitresses to actually make you one.

One of my favorite things about the Whately (besides the utterly atrocious service) is that it is a truck stop. Which means that if you walk in at about 3am, it will contain a 50/50 mix of freakish college students and burly truckers. Lending an unmistakable tension to the air as the truckers glare at the students and the students glare at the truckers.

Oh, and the jukebox contains several Pixies CDs.