One of the first non-"grunge" bands signed to Sub Pop records. Formed in 1989, making shimmery, fuzzy music and were compared to My Bloody Valentine. Put out a bunch of singles, some of which were later released on an EP on Slumberland Records, including "My Forgotten Favorite." This last song also made an appearance much later on the soundtrack to Clueless, making literally dozens of new Velocity Girl fans. Signed a five album deal with Sub Pop in 1992, leading to Copacetic (1993), ¡Simpatico! (1994), and Gilded Stars & Zealous Hearts (1996), gradually moving towards a more sugary polished sound.

Velocity Girl broke up in 1998. Archie Moore (the guitarist) moved on to The Heartworms. Jim Spellman (the drummer), had a brief project, Piper Cub. Jim, Kelly Riles (the bassist), and Sarah Shannon (the lead singer) formed Starry Eyes, a band that unfortunately broke up after releasing one EP. Sarah has continued on, and has started to record and release solo work. No news about Brian Nelson (the other guitarist).